Kitchen Remodeling

A comfortable kitchen is one of the greatest assets needed for a happy and comfortable household. Because the family spends so much time in the kitchen it is no wonder that so many gatherings are centered around this room. Sweet Home Improvements works with the customer to insure that this goal is reached.

Sweet Home Improvements can help you design and create a new kitchen. We can assist you in the planning and the creation of a new layout. We can help you with the preparations leading up to the project such as shopping for products and materials. We can guide you when you are making a decision on choosing cabinets, and advise you on any styles that you desire.

Bathroom Remodeling

A new and remodeled bathroom can make your bathroom routine more efficient and more compatible to fit your lifestyle. Sweet Home Improvements can take an outdated and poorly designed bathroom and turn it into a brand new one with creative space, more efficiency and an area that will better suit your needs.

We think that it is important to design and create a bathroom that will function for you for many years to come. Sweet Home Improvements can advise you on how to expand, make a layout change, or make over your entire bathroom. Our craftsman will help you create a space, that will be efficient and function for a long time. Some examples of changes that can be done to improve your bathroom are installing a whirlpool, adding a second sink, or even removing the wall and making your bathroom even bigger. These options represent three distinct levels of changes that Sweet Home Improvements can do for you.

Please note that we also have experience in making only handicap showers as well.

Basement & Attic Remodeling

Sweet Home Improvements can transform an unfinished basement into a comfortable living space with additional rooms and bathroom facilities. We can also help you with your attic remodeling to utilize your home more effectively.

We will give you a rough blue print of the layout you are looking to have for your new finished basement or a remodeled attic free of charge.

Once the project has been confirmed we will give you an accurate blue print so that you will have it for your records.


We offer complete interior and exterior painting services. Painting services can include plastering, wallpaper removal, staining, and faux finish. We only use superior quality of paint products that will provide durable finish and that will satisfy our customers for a long time to come. We can offer color consulting and advise on choosing the right product for your home.

Sweet Home Improvements also provides services in deck maintenance. Services include power washing, wood repair, and new finish.

Custom Carpentry

We offer a wide variety of carpentry services. From updated shelving with a custom closet to extra storage options underneath stairwells - we offer a number of custom build-out options to update any room in your home. We encourage you to view our portfolio for recent projects, or contact us. We are happy to walk through and suggest projects that match your space and budget.

Windows & Doors Remodeling

Windows have the power to transform your home. Installing new windows can update the appearance of your home or change its style completely, while providing more natural light and increasing energy efficiency. We install windows manufactured by Alside which come in various selections and styles. We are your number one door installers in the chicago land area!

Granite Counter Tops Installation

If you're looking to update your kitchen but aren't ready for a full remodeling project, considering replacing your countertops with granite. Granite countertop installation is the way to go! It's a modern look for a reasonable price. We are a direct dealer of quality granite in a variety of colors that range from subtle to striking. Call our office at 847-998-6011 for an estimate. Please, refer to our blog section for monthly specials.